Discussion Forum for Our Class Definition of The Reality Genre

Please read the definition we created in class and comment on it ... this assignment counts for 10 points (small weekly assignments). You will receive 8/10 for commenting. To receive 10/10, respectfully agree or disagree or elaborate upon at least one classmate's comment, and be sure to explain your thoughts.

Definition: Situation that is made to feel believable; a series of texts that provide the impression, whether given to them or internally enforced, that these texts are a representation of a set of experiences; a report on someone’s life; lies; reality genre is based on real life, mundane and realistic and can be achieved without special effects—it is focused on the insanity that popular or unusual people go through; it involves little to no prior scripting; they are texts documenting or recounting moments in author’s life experiences that are made to seem authentic and sometimes are; any kind of text that portrays over-dramatized experiences; basically postmodern lit; like contemporary art (birthing in gallery?)
Characteristics: First-person storytelling; edited drama – overdramatized (‘She stole my lipstick,’ thus, ‘I’m gonna kill her!’); voyeurism; everywhere you can film, you can film reality; scripted improvisation; often-shorter (brief) in length; involves images (lots of them); perception that the story itself is based on real life; involves interviews; 3rd person limited (tailing behind a set of characters); not narrated or selectively narrated, often no moral to the story (though sometimes there is!)
Examples: TNT the cable network, Jersey Shore, Blogger, Tumblr, TLC, The Cove (documentary), the Kardashians, The Drake Uncharted Games, Gone in the Wild, all oral histories, Steven Vlog, Man Versus Wild, Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, Commercials with testimonials, 16 and Pregnant, Tila Tequila, True Life, Little People, Big World, Living 400 Pounds (blog), billboards (all).

Texts: Magazines; TV shows; any form of communication; previews of movies; books, sometimes; documentaries; social networking sites; things you (the audience) don’t really interact with (like casts on TV); love-finding shows; certain video games; everything possible; blogs; billboards; competition shows; self advertisement (everywhere and anywhere); oral histories; gossip magazines; shows about people who are still alive (like VH1 Behind the Music?); newspapers; plays; battle reenactments
Non-examples: Superman, 101 Dalmatians, Disney stuff, soap operas, Halo, Star Trek, Call of Duty, Skyrim, God (capital G), Nickelodeon the network, Harry Potter, comic books, Catch 22, Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, The Big Bang Theory, Andrew Jackson (the president – this is supposed to be funny!)