Reality texts are good because …-They can be entertaining-They contain wisdom (someone might be telling experiences like applying for college – can learn lessons from others)-Keep people informed with what’s going on in the world (Egypt revolution … Colbert Report)-Allow mass communication of ideas … also problematic, important to have ability to communicate to masses by any means regardless of sources (regardless of credentials/position/money)-They inspire people to either change lives or follow dreams (American Idol becoming famous after being normal and it encourages you to do the same)-Eliminate bias based on looks and allow you to hear their words instead of focusing on their faces (don’t have to be beautiful.-Money to be made (nice to have, we need it)
Reality texts are problematic because …-Unnecessary drama in life (a lot people take TV shows as they should base their lives off them)-They can … can get everyone’s opinion out there, there are some terrible opinions like all women should go and die … gives everyone including awful mean people a megaphone.-Sometimes, a lot of times, not a very refined genre, especially with reality TV, there isn't a need to make stories realistic. They would be better if they were more thought out and plotted. Often there’s not a message.-They can influence people to do bad things (being like people in Jersey Shore)-Not really a life … a lie … have producers as the real thing; scripted, not 100 percent truth (Rock of Love producer, Mark Cronin)-Stereotyping/archetypes-Money to be made (corrupts)-Hard to monitor because there’s so much white noise (differentiate between who's a bad guy and who's a good guy)-Could inspire unrealistic expectations for what life is really like, especially for little kids, younger people-Makes kids do lots of bad things. If TV shows aim for teens. People always hanging out with friends … can depress kids if their lives don’t look like what they do on TV (unrepresented people).